Jeans: In or Out after 53

No one can deny that a great pair of jeans is almost eternal in terms of fashion. Jeans is made from denim material & comes in a range of timeless styles that can be pulled off by people of all ages on any given day. But, a British study has given an age cut-off of 53 to the most loved and universal Denim Trousers. Miniskirts and crop tops can be dated to a certain age group but, hello, can anyone ever grow out of wearing jeans trousers? That is one skeptical question for sure because the in all probabilities the answer to that would be a No.

Hang on there! The study actually simply stresses on how it is difficult after a certain age to buy a new pair of jeans that fits perfectly. But, if you have an old one that fits you well, there is nothing stopping you from wearing it. Overalls, caftans, astronaut suits are the can be perfect at this age when the lower half of the body dwindles making it a challenge to find the right pair of jeans trousers.

But, leaving all the fashion police behind you can always say, “Godspeed” and go ahead with wearing the comfortable pair of jeans out of your wardrobe or even buy a new one irrespective of your age. Age is no bar at all for wearing jeans trousers, take pop star Madonna for instance. She absolutely loves wearing jeans and age is not a factor she considers. Moreover, you would surely agree on the comfort quotient of a pair of jeans. Technology today has gone to such a extent where you can even find guides on the internet that help you to select the perfect denim trousers for yourself, whatever be your shape or age.


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