Kareena’s Vogue photoshoot – Airbrushed ?

Our newest mom in Bollywood, Kareena Kapoor khan has recently performed a photo shoot with Vogue, which has turned many heads. Reason? Her perfectly smooth and tanned midriff without any stretch marks.

Now , photoshopping and airbrushing isn’t an alien thing to the fashion industry. Then why the fuss? Pregnancy marks are a woman’s power and should be worn with pride. That’s how the world thinks and that’s where the problem lies. Kareena’s perfect mark free stomach contradicts this fact.

But on the other note, nothing is impossible for our begum. Days later ,she arrived at a Manish Malhotra show, looking perfectly glamorous.


It’s high time we stop judging celebs ,and appreciate the work they put into their body.



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