Lets talk Fashion

Fashion is something that is being created on a day to day life.

Whether it’s in terms of clothing, accessories, footwear, body or makeup. It’s the way of portraying oneself and experimenting in such a way that you become a trendsetter. uraaVi presents some vital aspects regarding fashion.

Someone has rightly said that fashion is an art, an art of carrying oneself with utmost elegance and beauty.

Fashion sense builds an aura of an individual personality, it defines the overall personality of a person in the world where fashion is treated as a major part of our daily life.

Proper fashion sense builds up confidence and gives the motivation to stand out in the crowd of thousands of people.
Nowadays creating one’s own fashion status gives an extra edge to an individual’s personality no matter what you wear. It is not about what you wear it’s how you wear and how you carry yourself that matters the most.

The charm and the beauty of an individual are not being described by going according to the trends rather it is described by how one is utilizing the trends in one’s own way and making a mark with their own fashion sense.


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