Mix up and look sexy and beautiful

Fashion is not only what the celebs wear. Fashion is what looks good on you, fashion is what you carry comfortably.

It is not always the great designers who can think off beat and bring out something stunning. You can create your own fashion statement as well.

Why dress up with matching clothes always?  Why dress up according to celeb style always?  

Try something new, try something different. 

Open your wardrobe, and jumble all dresses. Pick up anything for the top and bottom and combine it with jewelry.

That’s an off-track sexy combination. Mix and match also turn up to be the ‘too sexy’ outfit.
You can even put your hand in your boyfriend’s wardrobe or why not use your father’s? There must be a black or white T-shirt in their wardrobe. Take it out, wear it. Too large for you? Well, that’s quite obvious. Tie a knot on one side and combine it with one green or red hot pant or kafree.

It would look great if you combine that with long round earrings and keep you hair open or tie it half.A stiletto would be a jaw-dropping combination with such outfit.

Well, there’s another stunning option for you. Take a bright colored scarf and drape it around your bust and tie a knot at your back. Combine it with a contrasting colored long skirt. Well, you can create a twist off your outfit with the skirt. Hold one end of it and drape it around half of your waist and tug it, you can even pin it to keep it fixed. Combine it with feather rings, a junk wristband and a sleek long chain in your neck. High heels would give ‘wow’ look, and sandals would give a sweet look to your feet and can keep you in your comfort zone too.

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready and let people gaze at you! 🙂



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