Wrap it up

It is a high time in the summer and the spring is about to say hello.

Scarfs are a great add-on to fashion in such weather. How to handle a scarf? Have you ever thought of using a scarf in various ways to look beautiful yet be comfortable?

If no, then here are some of the ways and if your answer is yes, then check out if you have tried these options.

Take a large sized square scarf, fold it diagonally, take it around your shoulder and tie a knot with the ends. It’s easy, simple and sweet.

You can also take a rectangular scarf, hold the two ends of it along one line, and get the middle point, hold the three points together and tie a knot, now put your hands within the loops, it works a shrug. It looks damn hot.


Take a scarf(the rectangular one), fold it half, take your hand from within the loop and squeeze the rest of the scarf, now turn it around your neck, and pass the end of the scarf from within the loop, and loosen the extra end, no need to work more on it, leave it how is it, and that will give an elegant look. It looks great with a jeans and T-shirt.

woman-1287138_1920Another easy way to wear a scarf is to just put it around your neck, forming a loop. Keep it free, just as you take a dupatta wrapped around your neck. If it looks to loosely flowing just tie its ends, and keep the rest lose.

Few easy and handy ways to wear a scarf has been suggested, you can also try your own methods. Experimenting is greatly approved in the world of fashion.



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