When comes food your tongue pulls out to have a trial of yummy dishes and beverages. Here are 4 unexpected food facts – 😛

1) SHAKY – Calorie counter says if you have got a glass of ‘milkshake’ you will inject 1,690 calories instantly which is highest than any single fast food item.

2) DECAFFEINATED COFFEE – Truely it’s not what the name suggests. 16mg of caffeine comes into your sip!

3) PEANUTS – Don’t be fooled! These are literally underground grown legumes that seem like nuts!

4) APPLE CAN BE A GAMBLE – 230 ml of Apple juice contains 115 calories. More than a CocaCola dude!

5) PREFER COOKING – Cooked vegetables turn on to be more nourishing than raw vegetables. Have a visit to your kitchen often!

Eat well stay healthy!


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