7 Beer Myths Exploded !

The season of beer continues all year round. Stuck with some stupid myths murmuring around you? The time has come to paddle over your misconceptions and earn more pleasure from each sip.☺️

Take Chilled Beer Only

When in chilled mode your taste buds don’t get the scope of tasting the beer and you are missing the real thrill. How can you agree on? Dump this myth immediately.


 Beer In Cans Are A Big No

Obviously, beer in a bottle looks good than confined in a can but it’s not the exact vessel either. When you drink beer from the bottle, it is the olfactory sense from your nostrils that you are actually experiencing. Take a sip from the beer bottle and your nose is out of the scene. Then what’s the meaning of doing such a thing if it goes out of your assessment?

#Impastor beer drink drinking tv land GIFKeep It Anywhere

Rethink – You don’t want to get downhearted by an inferior brew right? Try storing beer in refrigerators. Keep the temperature in such a way so that it won’t freeze.

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Pumps Your Stomach

If you consume anything in excess it’s sure to harm you directly or indirectly. Similarly, if you keep your beer intake within the limits you can bid goodbye to ‘beer belly’.

The Colour Of Bottles Doesn’t Matter

Transparent or green bottles may look refreshing. But darker bottles do the job of defending the beer from light retaining its true delight.

Welcome Bubbles On The Glass Side

These bubbles signify dirt on the glass surface. Avoid ignoring buddy! Consuming with the dirt may cause your health to deteriorate.

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Beer Is Not For You

Oh Man! Don’t be a reckless drinker. Drink moderately and you can avoid excess weight in women, heart failure, osteoporosis, and diabetes as well.

Just remember one thing when there is a beer you got the moment to cheer.✌️ 




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