Calcutta 64 – Food review

Located in the quiet streets of Salt Lake, Sector 1, this small cafe is perfect for a day out with your friends. If a budget-friendly good cafe is your thing, Calcutta 64 should definitely be on your list. Although the sitting arrangement inside(AC) is really small, there are benches outside where you can take your food, avoiding all the noise inside.Also, it gets crowdy real fast.
Coming to the decor, there isn’t much except for 3 hanging lights and pictures on walls and also a TV that hits all the latest videos. The music is good and trendy, so thumbs up to that. Even though the cafe doesn’t have much on the decor side, it gives off a very minimalistic feel and the big windows that overlook the streets give the illusion of a bigger space.

Talking of food, this place has a pretty cheap and affordable menu. It’s our first time visiting, so we were really excited. We ordered:

Chicken salami sandwich (120/-)

The sandwiches were really good ,warm and crispy and had enough chicken pieces inside. They were served with chips and a small bowl of sauce.

BBQ sandwich (120/-)

Lemon iced tea

(I forgot the price, but it wasn’t costly)

The perfect tangy flavored tea really soothed me after a hot day. Definitely a yes if you want some cool liquid down your throat.

Chocolate mousse

Had seen lots of recommendations for this item on zomato, so had to try it. Although there was nothing wrong with it, it wasn’t exceptional. Obviously, it was low-priced and you can’t expect much from a price like that. But, it tasted nice and did enough justice to the price. The serving was good with chocolate scrapings on the top.


Chocolate Shake

Like a normal shake, had the right flavor, right consistency, and the perfect taste.

Grilled Chicken steak ( 290/-)

Truly a winner of the lot, the steak was juicy and fresh. The mashed potato was perfect and the egg on top was a real treat.

Mexican grilled chicken (290/-)

Little on the spicy side as is expected from a Mexican platter, the chicken was really good and fresh and had that typical spicy Mexican flavor. The vegetables were cooked perfectly with the right amount of oil. Definitely a big yes!

Each and every item was lip-smacking and priced very reasonably. Although the platters and the beverages were really fulfilling, the sandwiches were not. So if you are to order just sandwiches, order a side dish too.

I would recommend this place to anyone wishing to have tasty, delicious and affordable food.

P.S – even though the place says it opens at 11 am, it doesn’t. It opens between 12-12.30. So plan accordingly.


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