GOLBARI KOSHA MANGSHO – The Ultimate Destination For all Mutton Lovers (Estd. 1922)

Initially dubbed New Punjabi Restaurant was started by Kishan Arora’s father Ratan Arora.

Years faded Pradip Arora, the eldest grandson of Ratan Arora finally named this restaurant as Golbari. It is because the shape of the building resembles a semi-circular facade that utters a lot about the oral history of Northern Kolkata. Speaking of the Bengal Cuisine, the 95 years old restaurant Golbari clicks first in our minds reminding us of the mouth-watering old Spicy Mutton Curry dish. Situated at the core of Shyambazar’s 5 point Crossing, Kolkata it still remains the station for all you Mutton lovers out there. This restaurant drags the attention via the smell of mutton curry, which pings your taste buds. Your tongue starts dancing and your hunger gets multiplied as you see the dish. Almost your sensors go out of control to taste the dish. Finally, when you do it you realize that you are in the magnificence of heaven.

Are you a Mutton fan who wants to have a bite of the paratha complimented with delicious Mutton curry? Then Golbari is waiting for you.


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