India’s 5 Most Popular Whiskey Brands

Tired of some old drinks? Not sure what to try next?

This is what we are having to know the five best reputed and branded whiskey India has.

1. Mc Dowell’s No1


It is a product by United Spirit Limit and was launched in 1968. The marketing strategy of this brand is noteworthy. It targets any occasion to increase their sells. It also holds musical concerts that attract people which are beneficial for their profits.



Just like McDowell’s No1, Royal Stag’s immense popularity is also based on their powerful marketing policy. Celebrities like Ranveer Singh, Saif Ali Khan, being their brand ambassador also brought them fame. Their tagline “It’s your life make it large” brings more spirit among youths

3. Director’s Special


The brand was first manufactured by Shaw Wallace. Now it is owned by United Spirits Limited a group of business tycoon Vijay Mallya. This whiskey is considered to be third best among fifty best whiskeys in the world. It has a strong flavor that will make your day.

4. Seagram’s Imperial Blue


The success of this brand is due to their strong and well-executed marketing. The brand was launched in 1977 and since then never seen a loss. It is fourth most popular whiskey brand in India and successfully gained the 10’th spot in the list of top 100 spirit brands. The whiskey is the product of the blend of scotch malts and Indian grain.

5. Blender’s Pride


After a slight decline in sales in 2013, it managed to rise and now is in the 5’th position among most popular whiskeys. According to reports, this Pernod Ricard owned around 50% of the premium blended whiskey sector in India.



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