Paradise for tea lovers

If you see a “chai walla” is making more money than expected, believe me, you are in Kolkata a city for foodies.

Kolkata is known for its rich culture, tradition, and food. Well in a different state you will get such things but there is something about Kolkata that binds us with an emotion. Bengalis are crazy about Durga Puja, football, and adda along with having tea in bhaanr (earthen cups). Tea is an old age tradition and if you want to experience high tea culture than these places are waiting for you.

1. Flury’s park street

Flury’s park street started in 1927 we can call it a small paradise for the tea lover in Kolkata. It has a traditional European touch and serves you a proper English breakfast. The Flury’s cream tea Rs 210 comes with scones, preserve and whipped cream or butter. There’s the Flury’s afternoon tea rs315 that comes with cucumber sandwich buttercream pastry and a seasonal fruit parfait.

2. Dolly’s tea shop Dhakuria

It is known for its homely ambiance and the wide range of teas from across the country. One can go for their yummy bites such as fish fingers rs110, cucumber sandwich rs30, chicken sausage salad rs70.

3. The Tea Lounge, Esplanade

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Another popular place for tea lovers with its classic ambiance they offer choices such as Darjeeling tea Rs 175, herbal Rs 155 and also some local flavors like Hindustan chai Rs145, and Calcutta street chain rs145.

4. The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Elgin Road

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In the above places, we can have different choices to choose from but there are only two main varieties available in this lounge which they serve in a different manner, those two types of tea are black herbal and green tea.


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