Top 10 Cheap Restaurants in Kolkata for Hangout

Are you new to Kolkata? If yes, this city has a lot to offer but there are a few things which are special in this city and one of them is cheap and tasty food. Even if you are a traveler and are looking for luxury on this beautiful you must try out the cheap restaurants which reside in Kolkata because trust me, the cheap vegetarian food of Kolkata represents the traditional food of this city. However, for famous cheap foods, you have to go to some restaurants. I know sometimes it becomes tough to find out the best restaurant and that is the reason I am here for.


Here is a list of a few Restaurants in Kolkata for Hangout

Blue Sky Café: 

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This is definitely a fantastic place to hangout which offers you different vegetarian meals. For hangouts in cheap, this is definitely the best place to travel as it offers you both traditional Kolkata meals and other stuff too.

Wow Momo:

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 Momos of Kolkata are extremely popular and is extremely tasty to eat. Wow, Momo is one of the best places to visit if you are looking for momos. The place is quite hygienic and on the other hand, extremely affordable too.

 Kasum Rolls: 

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Are you looking for vegetarian rolls? If you are looking then this is the place you should visit. It’s actually a street restaurant but provides you really tasty rolls in cheap. However, Kasum Rolls is a fine place to visit if you are looking for rolls.

Raj Spanish Café:

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 If you get tired of the traditional food of Kolkata then you might like to visit this place as it provides you different types of meals including Spanish, Italian, and many others.

Calcutta 64: 

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A fine café to visit with friends if you are looking for variations of food. It is a quite popular cheap café and you can visit this place with your family too as it’s a family restaurant of a low budget.

Tasty Corner:

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This restaurant offers you a really nice place to hangout with friends and on the other hand, delicious traditional food of Kolkata. They are quite popular for sweets and Kolkata’s traditional Puri!

Udipi Home:

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If you are wanting to taste the home food of Kolkata then this is the place. You can get the fresh home food over here at a very cheap price. Who wouldn’t like rice and daal for lunch during office break?

Kebabish Grill India:

 Another thing Kolkata is famous for is Kebabs! Even though most of the people of this place are vegetarians still they make good non-veg kebabs. Kebabish Grill India is a fine place to visit for the taste of Indian Kebabs

Ram Krishna Lunch Home:

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This is another restaurant like Udini Home where you can visit for homely lunch. If you are a traveler then you must at least visit this place once on your tour.

Nizam’s Restaurant:

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While shopping in the famous New Market of Kolkata you might get hungry and then you can visit this place for food! Their snacks are quite cheap and delicious.


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