Fun Facts you might be unaware about Sun Signs


Being the first cardinal sign, Aries denotes the start of spring and all beginnings. The individuals that fall under the sign are believed to be most inspired in bringing changes to their lives.


According to myths, Zeus had once with the motive of seducing Europa turned himself into a bull. He revealed his identity only after carrying her back to Crete. Three sons are said to be born out of their affair. Crete is one of them who became popular. Thus, to pay respect, Zeus placed the bull in the night sky which later came to be known as Taurus, Latin for a bull.


Did you know, that compared to all other signs, Gemini is said to be the less prone to violent crime? It’s a fact confirmed by the FBI website. Either they are never arrested or if ever so it is only for crimes like theft or fraud. Jeffery Dahmer is an exception being a serial killer who in 13 years killed 17 men.


Cancer is nicknamed as Moon Child as it is the moon that rules the sign. Cancerians undergoing multiple mood swings, changing emotions and instabilities in their lives is directly connected to the ever-changing lunar phases from crescent to full all through the month.


There are opposites to every zodiac sign. It means that the opposites are basically flip sides of the same coin. Leo and Aquarius are opposites. Both are innovative and creative but, Leo’s approach is individualistic whereas Aquarians take a collective standpoint.


It is the 2nd largest constellation in the sky and the Virgo star Spica is bright enough to be spotted on clear summer nights.


Different from the month birthstone, even Libra has an affiliated ancient gemstone which is smoky quartz. The stone makes life clutter-free and fun and also inspires novel ideas.


Scorpio is a combination of 4 symbols. The scorpion out of its own frustrations stings itself to death. The snake is wise and cunning. The eagle rejects defeat and finally, the Phoenix who represents resilience as it rises from its ashes.


This fire and the masculine sign is ruled by Jupiter and is thus always bursting with enthusiasm and excitement. The sign is adventurous too with its hasty decisions.


They are level-headed yet are a strong believer in the spiritual truth. Capricorns for their acute consciousness are prone to misunderstanding. They share a deep bond with home and nature.


The Age of Aquarius has also been used as a nickname for a new age like that of Aries.


7 is the luckiest number for pieces due to its association with high-reasoning, wisdom, intellectual &psychic development & spirituality.


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