5 ways to keep our heart in a mint condition

As we know that exercises help to make our body fit. We must spare at least 30 minutes daily for our exercises so that we are free from any heart-related issues.


1) Vigorous walking

 walking GIF

This implies walking at a fast pace, we can take a walk around the park or at the gym also. It’s a superb way to start off as a novice.

2) Sprinting

Nowadays everyone is running in our day to day lives. It makes our heart work harder and burns a lot of calories which results in loss of our excess weight.

3) Swimming

It’s just awesome. Swimming can act as a substitute for running or walking. Fast laps in the pool will offer us with a low impact cardio workout while resistance from the water will be working on our muscles too.

4) Pedaling

It’s a great exercise for the heart especially for those whose joints don’t allow them to walk or run. It helps to boost our heart rate and can be conducted both at the indoors’ and outdoors’.

5) Training at intervals

We must schedule our cardio routine with interval training. This allows us to do different types of cardio for concise durations.
For an exemplary, we can do 3 minutes of cardio and 1 minute of weights followed by plyometrics.



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