Are medical facilities in India worse than western countries?

Are medical facilities in India worse than the western countries? Let’s have a look.

                       India provides a world-class healthcare at a reasonable price compared to other such similar healthcare in other parts of the world. With one of the world’s best infrastructure, technologies, specialized doctors, and nurses, India has sky-rocketed into one of the world’s best. It’s modern, state-of-the-art facilities have lodged its name in the top. Before criticising India on poor medical facilities and lack of proper healthcare, it’s better to know a few facts about India’s healthcare department.


India, over the past few years, has made advancements in Healthcare department more than any other country in the world.

  • Did you know every year, thousands of foreigners come to India only for medical purposes? 

Sounds strange, right? Let me enlighten you on this topic more. According to FICCI reports, India is one of the key MVT destinations in Asia with over 500,000 foreign patients seeking treatment. India’s medical value travel was pegged at 3 billion USD in 2015 growing at a CAGR of 15%6. Recent Grand Thornton reports say India is bound to reach USD 7-8 billion by 2020.


  • India is known for its unrivaled ancient healing systems like the age-old Ayurveda, Yoga, Siddha and other homeopathic treatments. Yoga and Ayurveda have solely attracted thousands of foreigners to visit India for its authentic flavor. Even though AYUSH treatments have spread in all parts of the world, India has remained the hottest destination till date and the numbers are increasing.


  • Healthcare in many western countries is still painful alluding to the fact that 1 out of 2 Canadians has to wait for more than 4 weeks to see a specialist. Wait times for a patient are so long that for a long-term bed patient can take years to await his turn. According to some reports, 26% of the Americans are struggling to pay their medical debt. And According to Merritt Hawkins’s survey, wait times in the US has increased. Even in many western countries dental department and plastic surgeries are not covered by insurance. In that case, India can be a life-saver for its world-class medical facilities and its finest pool of doctors and nurses of global recognition.


  • Did you know India is known as the “Pharmacy of the world” because of its strong pharmaceutical department and 20 major vaccine producing companies?

India is now the world’s leading producer of life-saving drugs and vaccines at affordable prices.

Yes, India is still lagging far behind in medical facilities in the public health department but where the population is bordering on billions, can we really blame the government? You will be amazed to know how much the government has tried to better our healthcare department.India’s patent law(2005)  do not allow “evergreening”  which is not liked by many drug companies in the world.


It’s time we start appreciating what India has done rather than criticising.  I bet you know nothing of its growing medical tourism and yet comment on its poor facilities.

                                                   The rate at which India is advancing, we are sure to overcome its problems in the health department by leaps and emerge as the world’s best medical department.



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