Hearing the term chocolate gives us bliss.

It’s mesmerizing smell, creamy texture and blissfully good taste make us spellbound.


People have a different way of having their own piece of the bar some like white one, some like the dark one. The craze for chocolate is more in women than men. People love to romanticise while having chocolate its simply because of the ‘love molecule’ present in it. Similarly, it contains mood boosting caffeine.Image result for woman eating chocolate bar


Chocolate contains the chemical theobromine which increases anandamide level the Sanskrit for ‘internal bliss’ in the brain. Anandamide has the ability to mimic the cannabinoids present in marijuana plant thus the results are as same as marijuana produce.

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Here are some useful effects of eating chocolates

Anandamide produced in the brain due to the eating of chocolates helps to stay more focus in our work thus we become more productive.

It has anti depressant and anti anxiety properties which give us the relaxation from stress like marijuana does.

A group of scientist have found that the more production of anandamide the lesser the chance of breast cancer.

Anandamide gives the energy to work thus many people prefer chocolate while doing their work.

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Thus apart from its delicious taste the chocolate have crucial effects on us. To gain more anandamide from chocolate one should eat dark chocolate or cocoa nibs rather than milk chocolate as it contains more amount of caffeine, no sugar and have more concentration of the beneficial compound.


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