Cycle Re-cycle Keep Cycling!

As we all know, cycling is the sport or activity of riding a bicycle. We are quite familiar with cycle racing. Cycle racing has three main forms namely Road Racing (typically over long distances), Pursuit Racing (on an oval track), and Cyclocross Racing (over rough, open country).

Every child is eager to know cycling on his or her childhood ages. Cycling primarily is all about retaining the balance so that you do not fall off right! Gaining speed and having a progressive move is secondary.
Do you know, cycling also has several benefits? uraaVi will be pointing it for you, just sit back and go through:

1) Can you believe that cycling increases your life span?

Yes, a study in France showed that it is actually a fact!!!! Even if you are do not indulge into regular cycling, you can add up to six to fourteen months to your life cycle.

2) Vorr!! Vorr!!

You may get tired of cycling. But it adds hours to your sleeping which means, without a sleeping pill you can have a sound sleep until your body gets fully charged to ignite you for the following day.

3) Cycling reduces cardiac problems

You can increase your respiratory fitness and the memorizing power of your brain. Just imagine that buddy!!

4) Better Digestion

This activity of cycling helps to decrease the time it takes for the food to move through your intestines, restricting the amount of water back to your body, resulting in a fluent flow, of the bowels.


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