Top 4 tips to tuck in meditation to the daily routine

Meditation is something that can take your mind off stress and anxiety and contribute to your overall health. But, often in your busy daily schedules, you don’t seem to find time for it. So, here is how you can sneak in a bit of meditation to balance out the overwhelmingly paced life:

Take a casual walk-unplug from the digital world

The addition of the digital world may seem difficult to quit but you can always unplug it for a while and go for a walk. Well, if you are not much of a walker, you can always go for a good run. Running also works well in unplugging.

Wake up in the morning for real

Of course, you sure do wake up in the morning. But, do you actually wake up or just hop out of bed for a hot cuppa coffee? The suggestion is to sit up when you are awake and take a moment to take in the morning feel of your surroundings. It may be the temperature or even the patterns of sunlight.

Breathe deep while walking past a door

You surely walk through quite a few numbers of doors in an entire day. So, why not make it effective by taking a deep breath every time you walk through a doorway. This works as a moment of awareness that can instill focus and calm.

One Alone-meal

Each day, try eating one meal alone without the presence of another being or even your cell phones. Investing time to take each bite and feel the food texture and taste in the mouth can help in creating awareness.



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