Improve your IVF (In vitro fertilization) chances with ‘Mediterranean’ diet

A recent study in Athens, Greece was conducted on 244 women enrolled for IVF. As per the reports of the journal Human Reproduction, the study has concluded that the women under 35 years of age who took to ‘Mediterranean’ diet six months prior to IVF have better chances of giving birth to a healthy baby.  Researchers have said, Women in this group “had a 65-68 percent greater likelihood of achieving a successful pregnancy and birth compared to women with the lowest adherence to the Mediterranean-style diet”. However, they also notified that the findings of the study are not generalized for all woman who are trying to be pregnant.

Why Mediterranean Diet?

A study co-author said, “The important message from our study is that women attempting fertility should be encouraged to eat a healthy diet, such as the Mediterranean diet.” Healthy eating is the key to successful IVF outcomes. The study stressed on this diet as it includes ingredients that are good for the heart health.



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