2 or 3 Its All the same

Friendship is one of the strongest bonds on earth. After the relationship of parents with their children, the only relation that stands high is ‘Friendship’.


You may have many friends at a young age, you may even form an army. But those who lasts forever are limited. Keep them close and stick them with your heart.


The few countable friends you get to stick with for lifetime are the real gems. Mostly these ‘best friends forever’ comes in a pair, but it isn’t surprising if you have 2 best friends forever, that means you create a group of 3. These groups become a part of your family and get to know you better than you do. Once the closeness increases, the bond gets stronger. Greater time creates stronger bonds too. These friends are like angels sent by God. They understand you even before you realize. They advise you as your guardian. They cuddle you like your sibling. They love you unconditionally. These bonds are so hard to break. They turn out to be a family member, and they may even treat you as if you are in some other world.

The fundamental point for BFF is trust. The unlimited trust factor and keeping it true is what makes you stick together. A best friend doesn’t assume, best friends don’t believe in what others say. Even if anyone says something wrong, with some proof, yet they tend to verify. Best friends seem to like being the siblings from different parents. It doesn’t matter if you have just one best friend or you have more, but if you are comfortable with these people and are happy to be together, then it looks great. If you can share your secrets without hesitation, if you can speak your mind without giving a second thought, then you have chosen the right person.

Best friends are the most special gift from God. You are lucky if you have one, you are luckier if you have two.

Don’t underestimate these friendships, value it, give it time. Every flower grows beautifully if you water that daily, your friendship is one of such beautiful flowers. Nourish it, and keep it beautiful.



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