3 Things to consider before breakup

Every love story doesn’t last forever.

Sometimes it’s your fault, sometimes it’s your partner’s. Sometimes it’s the fault of both of you and at times none of you are responsible. The last scenario is when the string between your hearts is broken, you don’t feel so much connected. There can be any reason for breakup but try keeping few things in your mind.


Second thought


Always give a second thought before speaking of breaking up. Only if you are sure that it’s hard to continue only then talk about it.


Talk privately


Breaking up isn’t easy. Nor for you, neither for your partner. It’s bombarding to speak about such issues in public. It’s also embarrassing and the outburst can also be much more than expected. Maintaining privacy to discuss such important topic is always a greater option.


Justify yourself


Always be particular about the reason for your decision. If you are attracted towards any other person, say that honestly. If it’s any sort of understanding problem, then clear it out. Don’t just rush through your decision, explain yourself and let your partner understand what you want.



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