3 ways to understand that she actually loves you

Love is not the combination of two perfect people, but it is the blend of two imperfect souls in the perfect ratio.

If you think you are in love, the ‘actual love’, then be sure it’s same from your girl’s side as well. Otherwise, moving ahead will only bring the pain. But, how can you understand that she is your ‘one-n-only’? Don’t worry, we are here to help you.

1) She shares her phone without hesitation

If you think only boys hide ‘deep secrets’ in their phone, then you are mistaken. To be honest, girls have much more. If a girl is sharing her phone, let’s you check it without any hesitation and arguments, then man, she is perfectly in love with you.

2) Makeup doesn’t bother her while she’s with you

‘Make-up is a girl’s best friend.’ It’s a famous statement and a super duper true fact. Girls love to wear makeup. Well, they love dressing up as well. But, why so?


Well, it’s all because they want to impress. Now, if she doesn’t care about her perfectly puffed hair,

smoothly blended blush or long pretty eyelashes while she is with you, be sure she is all yours and is not interested in impressing anyone else anymore.


3) Gives you the highest priority

However busy she may be, she always finds
 time for you. Always answers your calls, always replies your texts. Even you have a fight, she gives importance to you and your relation rather than her ego.



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