We all know mothers give birth to their children right? Naturally, children will expect love from their moms.

But are all mothers set to deliver their level best?
Here are few tips to flavour up a mother-child relationship for all you moms out there 

1) Think And Execute 

Sit straight and think what you are doing is correct or not. Why are you trying to make your kids best at everything? Competing with other mothers? Fool! The time when you will understand that you cannot push your child to do things which aren’t appealing to them you will view motherhood from a fresh angle.

2) Don’t Rev It To The Redline

Just like a driver of a car feels irritated when he is revving the vehicle hard and then sticks into a traffic jam. If you also follow the same policy you will be disgusted. Moreover, the relationship between you and your partner/children will get worse day by day. So cut yourself and leisure for sometime.

3) Overloading Fails

Don’t load them! During and after school hours if you install stress in them they become the participants of the mad race. Instead of that, inspire them on activities which they feel like doing.

4) Share Your Responsibility

Trying to do everything by yourself to raise your child? Got your task d wrong. Then is your partner for? Let your partner do some housework. This will let the child acknowledge with that he/she is looked after by his/her parents equally.

Summing it up! Be gentle to your child after all he/she is a part of you only. Stay connected! Happy parenting! 🙂



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