4 Weaknesses of Women You Are Not Aware Of

Everyone of us has some weaknesses but today you will be knowing those weaknesses which stick to women only. Here are four weaknesses of woman you are not aware of –


1) Your Appearance Carries Your Respect

handsome GIF

Credits to the young lads! Some of them compliment a girl for their pretty look which in turn loads up the respect for women. Isn’t it embarrassing?

2) Emotion Acts As A Lotion

sad jeanne moreau GIF

The female genes think from their hearts which has emotions filled in them. If they would have used their god gifted brains those emotions would have gone to hell man!

3) Trusting Everyone

Women almost trusts everyone around them. This is the prime reason why they like to share all their issues with them via chats and calls. Remember! This, in turn, can just spill their life if that trusted being reveals everything at any moment.

4) Give Up Everything In No Time 

Yes! It’s either a hit or a miss for them. Women like to end up everything instantly. You can say this is one of the silliest weakness of a woman who might end up in a mess.


You know what the weaknesses of women are like finger-snapping the sound maybe audible or it may remain unheard. 😀





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