5 ways to understand your love isn’t true

Are you in love? Feeling like in paradise? Wow! Congrats.

You have found your soul mate, your true love. But if the feeling isn’t blissful there’s something to worry about. Though you may feel you are in love, but you never know if it’s true. Check it yourself, we are here to help you.

1) You are not jealous 

Jealousy is a proof of love. Even if you don’t think that you are jealous, yet you will feel a bit uncomfortable if you find your partner too close to someone else.

2) You don’t get butterflies in your stomach

Your partner is in front of you, yet you don’t get especially attracted. It is the type of feeling you have when you are not connected strongly.

3) You are not liking their smell 

If it’s your perfect partner, then their smell will take you to paradise. It feels like heaven, as if there are flowers all around you are walking slowly across the garden.

4) You don’t love to be intimate

Love craves for intimacy but if you are with the wrong person then intimacy is just a matter of joke. You don’t want to come close, you prefer being alone than be with your partner.

5) Sex isn’t pleasure

Even if you are not willing to get intimate, sometimes you come close for the crave of your soul. While you are in bed, making love with your partner, you are not filling wanted and you are also not craving for more. It is not pleasure, but just a need of your body. Then trust me you are not in love.



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