Heart or mind. Whom to listen?

Always it’s not possible for anyone to know what is going on inside their heart.

Maybe they think that something is being thought from the heart. But, actually, it’s the mind who is playing the game. The heart is not always expressive.

It may think something beautiful but end up with something else. But, whatever may happen the heart always speaks the truth.

Whenever it becomes hard to take a decision, whenever the heart and the mind create controversies, preference should be given to the heart with a thought from the mind.

The mind may be logical but the heart is always true. If you act from the heart, even if it’s bad your repentance would be far less than the mistake done due to the mind games. The mind is clever, the mind is logical, it represents everything with logic, it places every piece of the puzzle in its perfect position with pure calculations. The same puzzle when solved from the heart, may take a bit more time, but at the end, there will be a satisfaction, a belief of truth and purity. Sometimes, mind games lead you to overconfidence, which may thrash you with a sudden jerk.

But, if you are true to yourself, if you listen to your heart always, you will gain inner peace, you will gain your self-confidence. This will lead you to success, this will let you grow.





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