Lost in the midst of a love triangle? Know how to handle!

There is nothing wrong in liking two people together. Love triangle might be a little difficult to deal with but not impossible. If you ever find yourself right in the middle of such a situation, well, keep calm, there are ways to deal with it.

Love triangle can be a bit messy, but you gotta be witty enough to pull out of even the toughest situations. Here is what you can do when such sloppy situation arises.

Ask yourself who is better

Relationships are not easy to handle. It comes with all the pros and cons. If you have that special connection with one guy over the other, you should definitely give this dual relationship a second thought. It is always better to be with the person you have great connection with.

Personality matters

Connection is important but your personality should match with the guy you are dating. Once again you will find yourself in a spot where you need to check who is having the same sense of humor like you or who has that friendly attitude like you.

Compare the treatment

This can be challenging, comparing both the guys you are dating. You need to correlate their behaviour, the way they treats you, the way they cares and lot more. The guy who walks that extra mile for you should be in your life, the other guy needs to see the exit door.

Be honest to yourself

You can’t hide from yourself. Try to evaluate your own feelings. At times you might get confused about what to do, but you need to ask yourself, who is better suited for you. Initially, it will be tough to let go of the other guy, but eventually things will fall into place.

Talk to your friends

If you have great bonding with your friends, talk to them about the scenario. They will guide you. You might feel shy about it, but sometimes taking suggestion helps.

Think about yourself and no one else

Don’t at all pay heed to what other will think about you, don’t bother to think about how they will feel in the end. Take the decision of dumping the guy who is not good for you. Don’t be cruel just don’t think too much.

In a love triangle one always gets hurt. Relationships are too precious, one foolish act can ruin years of effort. If you have two guys in your life, think long enough before pulling out of one relationship. Give yourself some time and then decide what to do.

In frame: Akshit Tendon ,Mousumi Bar

Photography: Sumanta Chakraborty



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