Love Fights or Love Bites

Being with your partner isn’t easy always. Sometimes it leads to terrible fights and sometimes it gets hotter for some love bites.

Spending time together, walking a long way, getting closer, making love. These are what we see as romance. What we can’t see is the hidden love in fights. Love bites look sexy while love fights are cute. Getting close to your boyfriend and feeling the love is something that makes you obsessed. Kisses on the lips, kisses on the neck, soft bites or the hard ones can get you aroused. They may look great, can become a hot topic for the friend’s circle. You may love these stuff, but when it grows older, when the relation gets stronger, these bites don’t seem to be so fascinating anymore.

Fights are very common in relations these days. Those who survive it understands its potential. It also helps them understand the meaning of true love, true relation. Fights are hard when it takes place it seems so.

Jhum Santra

But, after its over, it’s all very sweet and comforting. A relationship doesn’t seem to be perfect if there is no fight. Love fights are always cute. When the fight is over, a sweet kiss on the forehead or a sweet one on the cheek makes everything melt. Everyone may think that the things are getting worse, but when you have the understanding every fight is just a small matter to have a laugh later on. Love yourself, love your partner, love the relation you are in.

Have some love, have some fight, live life fully. Keep in mind love bites are sexy but love fights are sweet.



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