Right Stone for Aries Zodiac Sign

The association of birthstone is, as the name speaks, with the month of your birth. The most dominant feature of a birthstone used to be its color. Aries is a zodiac sign that starts off from March 21 and lasts till April 19. According to ancient times, Bloodstone and Amethyst were the birthstones of Aries zodiac sign that emerged to become Diamond and Emerald traditionally. The modern birthstones for Aries however, are plenty. But, the most significant ones are Aquamarine and Diamond.




Aquamarine is the stone that is associated with love, hope, youth & good health. People belonging to Aries sign wear this stone amplify happiness, build their courage and also rekindle married love. To top it up, Since it is a blue-colored, this birthstone is meant to keep all negative energy at bay from the wearer and bring about the necessary mental clarity. Quieting the mind and stress reduction are the health benefits that it renders which is closely related to it bringing clarity of mind.



The second right birthstone for Aries is Diamond. Called “vajra” in Sanskrit, denoting the weapon of Lord Indra as per the myths, Diamonds symbolize eternal love. As per birthstone meanings, Diamond defines true and everlasting love, romance & strength. It can bring great courage to the wearer. A stone that amplifies energy, Diamonds signify innocence and purity and requires no recharging. From health’s point of view, Diamonds can treat chronic allergy conditions, vertigo and is of much benefit to the brain. It will help rebalance your metabolism, boost your stamina and clear your sight.


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