What does your Forehead line say about your Future

Unlike twins, each and every human body is distinct. The varied body markings like palm lines, neck & forehead lines, nail shape, moles etc are what distinguishes you from another person, according to astrology and horoscope reading.

Post years of data collection and research, astrology scholars in the ancient times used to study these marks and interpret them to make predictions of a man’s future. Major body parts like the feet and palm are the most common in Astrology analysis. But, did you know that even forehead lines can tell a lot about an individual’s longevity? Yes, that’s right, the textures, shades, and lines on your forehead may define how long you’ll live.

How does it work?

If you wish to go for the astrology and horoscope reading of your forehead lines the first thing you’ve got to do is moisturize the forehead and stretch the eyes towards the forehead to make the lines clearly visible. Once that is clear, you must know that Samudrika Shastra describes 3 forehead types which are plain and embossed forehead & lower head. The embossed forehead is blemish-free & smooth and yet has clear lines. Lower head is darker than normal skin color and is slightly sunken inward making the lines invisible enough to read.


A minimum of 2 deep and dark forehead lines indicate survival up to 60 to 65 years. Anyone with the expertise of astrology and horoscope reading will tell you that the lines are indicative of rich persona in both fame & prosperity.

3 strong lines mean you enjoy a good journey and may live up to 75 years. There are multiple other readings of forehead lines as well, according to their minute differences. You can use astrology software online to get your palm reading done.



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