5 Best biopics from last two years

Every movie we see need not be fictional. Sometimes watching a biopic can be inspirational. Five of the best are mentioned here.

1) Darkest Hour


The name doesn’t sound to relate any person? You are right. But, this movie will show you how a Prime Minister can bring his country to light. ‘Darkest Hour’ refers to the time when Winston Churchill was pressured to make a deal with Adolf Hitler. If he would have agreed then Britain would have turned to be a puppet. He led his country to victory by his courage and immortal speeches.

2) Pelé: Birth of a Legend


The name itself reminds us of an incredible personality of the soccer world. Pelé is not just a name, it’s a brand, it’s a class. This movie shows us how young Pelé under the guidance of a manager utilized hiss skills. He had a God gifted talent to lead Brazil to 1958 World Cup. Kevin de Paula with his incredible acting has given proper respect to the Legend.

3) The Walk


This movie is a masterpiece about an extremely talented person. Philippe Petit is a French street performer. He used to walk on ropes and had a dream of creating history. He was finally able to fulfill his dream. He walked between the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York. Walking on a tightrope at such high without any safety measures is the reason for the history making.

4) Steve Jobs


There is no need to describe this man. The ex-CEO of Apple, a most wanted brand. This man, a billionaire now, has undergone a lot of struggle through his life. This movie shows the struggle. This shows the ups and downs he has gone through. This shows his walk towards success.

5) The Man Who Knew Infinity


Srinivasa Ramanujan, an incredible mathematician from India has been focused on this picture. Dev Patel has done a tremendous job by enacting such a great character. It was heart warming to watch such an elegance. The name defines that the story is based on mathematics. Even if you aren’t a fan of maths, yet you will fall in love with the movie.



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