Actor Kay Kay Menon says, “I never play roles, I play people.”

The extremely talented actor Kay Kay Menon has reportedly said that he is concentrating on leaving a legacy of good cinema. To him, the mantra to that is not be bound in the stereotype of genres and roles as an actor. Menon, who is all set for the 19th Jan release of his next thriller-flick Vodka Diaries, is inclined on playing people and not roles. He says, “The reason being that roles are finite in nature.” Featuring Raima Sen, Menon and Mandira Bedi, the Vodka Diaries is directed by Kushal Srivastav. “You can’t pre-decide that you are going to work in this movie or that. No. That means you are limiting yourself”, actor Kay Kay Menon has this approach to film genres.

Menon wishes his work to outlive his time!

Menon says that he tries not to think about getting dues in the industry as it only leads to frustration. He is a believer in strong story-telling, beyond the constraints of roles and genres. However, he surely has a wish that he spoke about, “My aim in life is that my work should outlive me.”



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