“Baje Chobi” premiere at Acropolis

After a good response from the audience for the movie ‘Ebong Kiriti’, Anirban Paria goes on with something new.

The premier of ‘Baje Chobi’ at Acropolis Mall, Kolkata was a spellbound event. Arindam Paria is very hopeful about his movie and wishes to be applauded by the audience again.

“Amar mone hy ae chobita dorshoker bhalo lagbe karon jokhon ae chobitar screening hoechilo, Kolkata International Film Festival e, dorshok khub ucchoshito chilo abong khub prosongsha korechilo

 (I think the audience will love this movie as during its screening at Kolkata International Film Festival last year, the audience was very excited and praised a lot.)”


The actors and actresses of this movie namely Soumitra Chatterjee, Priyanka Sarkar, Koushik Sen have enacted very well. Arindam claims that they can create a mark in every audience’s heart. Everyone was very cooperative, thus making the “Baje Chobi” successful.

“Ami onek producer er sathe kaj korechi, kintu boom mediar producer Sreeram Mittal Jir sathe kaj kora alada moja(I have worked with many producers but working with Sreeram Mittal is fun.)”


The producer of boom media Mr. Sreeram Mittal is also satisfied working with Arindam. He says Arindam is also a very good person. When asked why this movie when there were much more, the reply was soothing. Since the movie is out of the box so it attracted Mr. Mittal to work with Mr. Paria.

“Baje chobi je sob somoy baje hoe na, ae chobita tar proman”
Swagata Basu also told about her upcoming movie with Arindam Paria, Neem Phool. She had played a wonderful character of a mother of a director and has tried something new.
“The production was very smooth, even there was no problem from the production house.”
Koushik Sen has played a wonderful role as a director. In the movie, he was inspired by his father who was a great artist. Even his father was not successful. He, like his father, had to listen that he makes ‘baje chobi’, but whether it becomes successful or not is what you need to see.
 We wish a very good luck to the entire team of Baje Chobi and hope it gets a wonderful feedback from all its audience. Jump into your nearest cinema hall, to get to know what actually happens. What is the climax? How does everything go? Was everything smooth? Did the director become successful? To know more, watch the movie.



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