Bhansali’s Magnum Opus Padmavat(i) to release on January 25

Padmavat(i) has Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh and Shahid Kapoor playing the lead roles. The film since its inception has been facing ire from the Rajput karni Sena. This was followed by vandalisms, protests and threats and thus, the release of Padmava (earlier Padmavati) was kept on hold as it didn’t receive a clearance certificate from CBFC. The CBFC ha sfinally issued a U/A certificate to film after the makers made the suggested alterations to this controvercial movie.

The never ending hurdles for now Padmavat!

It was not long before that Padmavat, its makers and crew breathed a sigh of relief that the film is once again confronted with an obstacle. The name of the hurdle is Vasundhara Raje, CM of Rajasthan who has banned the film’s release from the State. Ashok Pandit, CBFC members however has showed his support for the film in his recent tweet.



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