Bill Gates tweets about Toilet Ek Prem Katha

Global business biggie Bill gates have listed down six world-wide stories that inspired him greatly and helped his pass this rather “tough year”. Due to the relevant message of spreading awareness regarding the sanitation issue in India, Akshay Kuma and Bhumi pednekar starrer Toilet Ek Prem Katha came into the notice of Bill Gate and ranked third on his list.

His tweet says, “3/ “Toilet: A Love Story,” a Bollywood romance about a newlywed couple, educated audiences about India’s sanitation challenge.”



Akshay’s take on Gates’s tweet

At the launch part of Padman song “AAj Se Teri”, Akshay shared his reaction on seeing this tweet. He remarked, “Yesterday I was on stage, and when I checked my phone I saw Bill Gates’ name. I was surprised. It’s amazing that people sitting there are watching the film. It is just that we need to improve our country further.” He also spoke on how the open defecting percentage of India has gone down in the past one and a half year.



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