Mou Baidya ,an uprising star with big dreams.

Mou Baidya is an uprising star, known for her Bengali films Chorabali(2016), Carmine(2016) and Chip Auto Char(2016) and currently working on some daily TV soaps.

As the saying goes “Work hard, Dream Big”, Mou dreams of becoming a successful actress someday when people will know her by name.  In this age of cut-throat competition, when it’s hard to carve a niche for yourself, she isn’t afraid of failures but wants to move ahead to her dreams of becoming a success.




When given to choose between modeling and acting, she chose the latter. It has been always a dream for her to act in films and she is definitely living it out.

It was not always easy for her to start up this profession. She lived in Bashirhat and it was not possible for her to pursue her dreams living so far away from the city. But when she later shifted to Kolkata, she started studying acting in an institution with hopes of becoming a star someday.

She may be confused about her future as to where she will stand 15 years later, but she is confident about the fact that she is not gonna quit.


What does this gorgeous celebrity do when she is at home? 



“It’s not every day that I go for shoots. So when I’m at home I spend a lot of “me ” time watching movies, listening to songs, going for long drives with her friends and partying “,

She said in her husky voice.

Did she ever fall in love at first sight? 


As she fed her two cute pet rabbits, she smiled and said

“Love at first sight never happens for me. When it comes to me, I always take a time to choose.”

She has dreams high and confidence higher. It’s only a matter of time she conquers all our hearts.


Makeover: Pradeep Chatterjee

Photography: Arindam Karmakar




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