Oops They Did it in Real…On Screen

Of course, mainstream movies are not pornographies. This is why the sex scenes don’t really take place in most of the films. However, there are movies where the actors did it for real.

So, what are these movies?


This is a Lars von Trier movie. Though no one had come out and claimed that the sex scenes of the movie are real, but, it seems likely.

Pink Flamingos

Well, this movie is not for everyone. In fact, many might find it dirty for their taste. One scene, in particular, can make people cringe in horror. This John Waters movie can be a real experience to watch.

Monster’s Ball

Many suspects that the duo of the movie has done it in real. Both Billy Bob and Halle Berry have kept their mouth shut about the whole incident. However, the suspicion grows by the fact that once the movie is released Billy Bob and Angelina Jolie had filed for divorce.




The story of this movie had been inspired by the life of a Roman emperor. The parental guide warns children from watching the movie as it contains a lot of explicit sex scenes which include group sex. The sex scenes of the movie are so intense that some prefer to call it pornography. However, the move had turned to be disturbing due to the exploitation of sex scenes.

Factory Girl

People claim that the actors of the movie have done it for real. However, Sienna Miller had waved off the suggestion that she actually did it on screen. Yet, she later said that the rumors had actually flattered her. The rest is lest for the people to accept or deny.

The Idiots

This is another Lars Von Trier movie which suspected to contain real sex scenes. However, here also no one has confirmed the existence of the scene for real in the movie.


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