Paria’s upcoming Movie “Baje Chobi” is going release this June

 Boom media presenting ‘Baje chobi’, an upcoming Bengali movie directed by Anirban Paria, which is scheduled to be released on 2nd June.

This film will feature Koushik Sen, Priyanka Sarkar and Soumitra Chatterjee as the lead Character.

This is the story about a man named Avik, a passionate filmmaker, he is a man of principals who never trade-off on making films with creative composition even though he goes through a commercial disappointment. In a mean time, the movie will take you to the past where Avik’s father Ajoy was a painter and stays with the same mentality like Avik but the result is nothing but a severe breakdown in his life. Although Avik’s work gave him peace of mind in between all hardships and had to pay the price for being true to his essence.

“On filming this movie at 22nd Kolkata International Film Festival, the jury members suggested to release the movie as soon as possible and present this Excellent story to the people”.

– said the producer of the film Sriram Mittal.

After Paria’s “Ebong Kirti” (released this March), Will “Baje Chobi” is going to touch your heart? To get your results stick to your nearest movies theaters.

Reporting by
Camelia Chatterjee

25th May , 2017



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