‘Swapno Shishir’ releases with greater swapno!

Gopal Bose’s Swapno Shishir released on 9th June.

Though it is a low budget film, yet everyone has a great hope from it. The movie premiered at Indira Cinema Hall yesterday.



I hope people will love the movie. It is one of its kind and these type of movies are not going onscreen these days. I hope to we will get good review and would love to get feedback from the audience.

        -Indira Dutta



The movie features Vicky, Gopal Bose, and Soumi Ghosh as lead characters. This movie will take the struggling life of a modern-day Abhimanyu. It will also soothe your eyes as you can see the beauty of nature as well. The movie was shot on the city outskirts and is willing to touch the hearts of every person.




“Vicky is a great artist. He should not be famous only as a Mirakkel member, but should also be known for his other talents. He is a great theater artist, he has a lot of talent but didn’t get the chance to showcase. I am really excited to see his first film coming out. Hope the audience will love it.”

-Sourav Palodhi

The movie did not release in too many halls but is expecting a good audience. It is screening at Elora Cinema Hall and Binodini Cinema Hall along with their premier hub, Indira.  Every person who has worked together is expecting a good feedback from the audience.


“It’s a pleasure that such a low budget film has finally released. It was also wonderful working with such great artists. I am also willing to work with such stories further.”

-Gopal Bose, Director cum Producer

Vicky was very excited as it is his first film.

He said that:

“I would love to work such way in future as well. I am expecting a good success and a great review from the audience as well.”


We are also hoping to see him in many more films in the coming days.


“It was a wonderful team to work with and everyone was very helpful. My co-actors have also been a great support. The director cum producer Mr. Gopal Bose has also been very encouraging. Even the language was not any major problem, as everyone helped me gain control over it.”

-Soumi Ghosh

Somethings are better-kept suspense than revealing everything. There were much more people present, from the team. Click on the link to see what uraaVi reveals about Swapno Shishir, directly from the people of the team.

We wish a grand success to the team of ‘Swapno Shishir’. Hope it will hit its target and will run successfully. All the very best to the entire team.




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