Why Indian Movies are not in top IMDB ranking

In spite of having trouper actors, directors and story writers, our Indian movie industry still facing a pronounced defy when it comes in contrast with world movies.

Yes, you can say the ratings of top Indian movies are more or less similar with top world movies but according to viewers’ and critics’ choice, we are remote behind from them. This very thing is incessantly striking in my mind from past few days and so here I want to consolidate the conceivable reasons behind it. Hope, these explanations may dig up the constraints of our movie industry.

Unnecessary Commercialism

Though, we have an utterly clear thought process, a glitzy story line up but what I noticed several times our directors are hemmed in to pour some irrelevant commercialism between a really thrilling or exciting scene which may divert viewers’ concentration from the actual story.

And I guess my readers will agree with me on a point that our commercial movies nowadays are getting much more fame for its songs and typical Bollywood dances rather than the story.

The reluctance of pioneers

The directors, actors who are very much familiar to our countrymen is not taking that much initiative in terms of parallel or art movies. Now a day our movie industry become much more professional, it only thinks about making business, however, there is a great scope of a different kind of work. Unarguably an industry needs a backbone which is coming from those commercial movies but there should be another part where this profit can be utilized for some creative kind of work despite any irrelevant actions or songs and dances.

It’s the time to change viewers’ mindset

We should allow ourselves to come out from the mindset that took our cinema a decade behind.

It’s not only the duty of filmmakers to think in a different aspect but also for those viewers who still confine themselves in the typical mindset that film is only for cheap entertainment purpose.

We should not forget that a sequence of scenes never owns the ‘movie’ tag until it heals you.



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