Club of 27- The Greatest Myth of World Music

Indubitably many among us can’t entirely repudiate the healing capability of music when we are in pain, joy, sorrow or even too much obsessed or bored.

So, as ardent rhythm-lover, if we consent ourselves to discuss world music then one thing we should choose as our first piece of breakfast that is the club of 27. Club of 27 is nothing but a distinct span used by music canvassers, resembling those legendary singers or musicians who had passed away at the age of 27 due to the overdose of drugs and alcohol or in such forms of violent means.

              Perhaps, Alexandre Levy is the first known member of this club, who was a Brazilian composer and pianist. But this 27-club its legacy and its greatest fables of dying at a particular age are the hottest cake for the music-researchers from the previous decade. Some of those scholars also tried to categorize the members of club-27 according to their eminence and legacy.

             In statistical manner, after inspecting all their contribution to music, their legacy throughout all cohorts we can easily choose the first and most unusual boy of the class, none but Kurt Cobain, who has been considered as the religion of a new genre of rock music. Different polemic still swirls around the death of Nirvana front man who has been found dead in his Lake Washington house by an electrician on 8 April,1994.

             After 15 years of Cobain’s death, Amy Winehouse had brought again the media attention to the Club of 27. After her death, it has been revealed that she died due to the overdose of alcohol consumption. And it should be cleared that this contralto vocal owner has been ranked 29 in The Best Singers of All Time whether Cobain kept the 91 position.

              Jimi Hendrix, who is known as a pioneering electric guitarist, song writer, and singer, is also a very impactful member of this royal club. If we want to inculcate the time axis of club-27 then one can easily find that another exquisite jewel has enlisted its name as a member of this mythical club. Yes, as a music-buff you are predicting right its none but our beloved Janis Joplin, who is known as one of the greatest torch bearers of psychedelic acid rock.

               The super-soul of world music will not allow me to rectify myself if I don’t take the name Jim Morrison to my readers’ account. He is not only a soul-singer and lyricist but the front man of Doors, who has been died in 1971 due to pulmonary heart-attack. Still, rock lover can unquestionably cheer his name as the all-time great rock-vocalist among the hall of fame.

                As we are focusing on the legacy of club-27, we can’t leave unturned one name, who is mostly celebrated as a singular talent in Delta Blues and folkloric genre, Robert Johnson died of possible strychnine poisoning on August 16, 1938.

               The 27 Club has become one of the vaguest and bizarrely tragic quirks in rock & roll history, Statistical studies, however, have botched to find any scarce pattern of musician deaths at this certain age. Apart from these greatest musicians, there are several famous members of this club like Brian Jones, Allan Wilson, Richey Edwards, Mia Zapata and many more junior actors and artists who have lost their lives due to everything from addiction to suicide to freak accidents. It would be really chaotic to derive the correlative causal effect between the early dead and the outstanding creativity but one thing is a perpetual fact that no one can refute the immense role of club-27 in world music in terms of every aspect.                               


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