There are tonnes of reasons to opt for the Jeep Compass. Today, you will be knowing the 5 stinging reasons in this article –

1) Have a look carefully and it’s surely Jeep all around. The floating roof coupled with a rugged front and a classic Jeep grille makes this SUV stand apart.

2) Decent build quality along with excellent fit and finish is visible inside. It may not look richly luxurious but is quite practical. The leather seats in white tone look sporty too.

Look closely you will get to see a snake crawling in the rear glass of the Compass

3) Speaking of performance the 2.0 Multijet engine’s power delivery is lenient making it easy to drive in the city. The car can pick you up from any gear as you have plenty of torque on tap. The diesel motor gets a 6-speed manual transmission which has a mind-blowing gearshift quality.

4) When you think of driving in India you will surely be thinking of the ride quality. This is one of the most valuable departments and Jeep has done their homework smartly. The compass provides a remarkable ride which is best in its class.

5) Now comes off-roading probably this is the reason you buy an SUV right? The 4X4 model features a select terrain system which has four operating modes namely – Auto, Snow, Sand & Mud. This makes this Jeep just knock away its rivals with ease.

If you find any other reasons that sting you also, do let us know in the comments section below –




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