Child’s sweet, Adult’s key to spam

In the era of technology fraud and fraudulent using World wide web is not a bizarre thing. The recent spam that has taken over the world of social media, specifically the world of WhatsApp is the Cadbury spam. The targets are receiving messages that promise them a free chocolate basket worth of ₹1000 on the occasion of Cadbury India’s 70th anniversary.

Now coming to the point as to how it is being called fake, here are some points to go through—

1. Firstly, if you give a close look at the website link, you will see how cleverly the letter ‘i’ has been replaced by a look-alike symbol that gives us the idea of the letter ‘i’.

2.  Cadbury is a well known British brand of confectionery. It is wholly owned by Mondelez international (originally Kraft food) since 2010. Cadbury India changed its name on 2014 to Mondelez India food Ltd. Therefore any website related to Cadbury India will have the name specifically.

3. Any authentic brand uses https for their web link instead of HTTP.

For example :

instead of, it is

Https is very important because it protects the integrity of the website. It prevents intruders from mishandling the communications between someone’s website and user’s browser. It also protects the privacy and security of someone’s website users.

The aim of this kind of spam is to steal sensitive information that your browser stores for you. This may contain passwords of sites and social media, personal information about credit or debit cards etc. Most of the scammers ask people to provide certain information or details about financial condition or strata via several methods mainly surveys. Once the survey is complete the site takes the user to another page where they are asked to forward the same message to some more people on WhatsApp. This way the scammers ensure that the message spreads and that too from known contacts.

Scammers target everyone and do not differentiate between backgrounds, ages or income level. The simple way to protect oneself from such scams is to remain alert about the messages you are receiving on WhatsApp and never open a site that has fishy web links even if it comes from a promising brand.


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