First ever invention by bengali professors that will replace our known fuels in no time.

The use of water will reduce the demand of petrochemicals in the market, new innovation by two Bengali professors.

In the era where fossil fuels demands to be replaced and scientists are hell-bent on finding new eco-friendly fuels, two ordinary professors belonging from West Bengal have achieved something unbelievable.

As per the two professors, Dr. Biswajit Mandal and Dr. Sunil Baran Kuil, of Haldia Institute of Technology, a machine has been created by them the usage of which in cars can reduce the need of petrol and diesel up to 20-50 %. The best part about this innovation is that the machine runs by water! The professors have cited that name of Sukumar Baag, Delhi based researcher, who helped them in their work.

The professors have informed that water constitutes of hydrogen and oxygen molecule and when electrolysis happens they get broken down into HHO which informally is known as ‘Brown gas’. Although hydrogen has a combustible nature, if Brown Gas is immediately created and used then it is safe for vehicles. This age-old concept has been used by Dr.Biswajit Mandal, Dr. Sunil Baran Kuil, and Sukumar Baag to invent a device which guarantees durability. The device has been named as ‘ Brown Gas Generator for Automobile Engine’. This is basically an electrolyzer. The device needs to be placed beside the automobile engine of the car. The necessary amount of power is drawn by the device from the battery of the vehicle. Once the generator starts to work it creates Brown Gas by electrolysis of water. The professors claim that the generator will remain attached with the engine of the car (Hybrid engine). The Brown Gas created will be directly transmitted to the engine. This will increase the efficiency of the car. According to Mr. Sunil, this will reduce petrol and diesel usage.

Professor Biswajit Mandal has informed that the device was initiated back in 2009 and in 2017 they have received a patent from Ministry of Roads and Transportation. The patent has been given for 20 years to Haldia Institute of Technology. After the device gets launched its price will vary from Rs. 3000-5000 depending on the model of the car.

The developers are adding their last touch to their innovation and trying to launch it in the market as soon as possible.


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