Ingvar Kamprad, IKEA founder dies at 91

Ingvar Kamprad had found IKEA as a small-scale mail order business. He has reportedly died at the age of 91. IKEA had grown huge since its inception. The Swedish unit, IKEA Sverige announced on Twitter on 28th Jan 2018 that founder Kamprad died at his home in Smaland, South Sweden this Saturday. He had been suffering from a short illness following which he died a peaceful death. The president of IKEA Group said that Ingvar’s, “legacy will be admired for many years to come and his vision — to create a better everyday life for many people — will continue to guide and inspire us.” The company said, “He will be much missed and warmly remembered by his family and IKEA staff all around the world.”

IKEA & Kamprad

Kampard found IKEA at the age of 17 and was intimately associated with the company till the very end. Today, the core of IKEA’s corporate identity lies in Kamprad’s down-to-earth style and work ethics.


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