Karni Sena Threats Author Kota Neelima

Author Kota Neelima is a well-known journalist who is known to be one of the Gandhians by her belief. She has threatened by the Karni Sena recently because of her write up which talked about the crime against women in Rajasthan.

Karni Sena has threatened to push her out of the Jaipur Lit Festival which is a prestigious yearly event. Each year this event draws writers, readers, and publishers for a great meet.

The column in question, which Author Kota Neelima wrote, encompassed around the misplaced priority of the people. In it has taken a straight hit at the belief that Padmavat has hurt the pride of the Rajputs.

Author Kota Neelima however, is not worried. She has refused to apologise for the article she has written. It is not only Neelima who has angered the Karni Sena, it is the chairperson of Central Board of Film Certification who will be looking for extra security as well.


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