Model Karlie Kloss Speaks about Wellness

Everyone knows that model and entrepreneur Karlie Kloss is a busy personality. However, this does not mean she ignores her wellness and fitness. How does she manage to get time for that? In a recent candid interview she reveals her wellness secret.

Model Karlie Kloss reveals that she is used to light weight training. She works out with different weights. Her main objective is to build lean muscles. However, amidst the hasty professional life she does not forget her relaxation routine either.

When asked what she does to relax after a lengthy day, Model Karlie Kloss says that she usually meditate with music. This 10 minutes which she spends meditating is a gift to herself. She says that apart from meditating she reads a lot. She also watches Netflix. Her recent hobby is running. While she goes for a run, she listens to audiobooks.


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