10 Psychological facts about nightmares and dreams.

Dreams and nightmares are more than just names. They are our spiritual guides, sometimes conveying us more than everyday activities. Even though numerous experiments have revealed some of its mysteries, we are yet to discover the rest of it. Like the part of the iceberg submerged in water, there’s tons of information that isn’t known to humans.

uraaVi shares with you some of the most amazing psychological facts about dreams and nightmares.


1)Your chances of nightmares increases when you sleep in a colder room

 Cold rooms are usually associated with spirit activity. Tests have proved that a place buzzing with intense spirit and ghostly activity is 40%  colder than normal room temperature. Our body temperature goes down a bit when we go to sleep since it works like an inner thermostat. Now, add a cold room to an already low body temperature. It’s natural that our body is not going to experience a peaceful sleep. Hence, paving a way to nightmares and bad dreams. To prevent such instances, keep a light blanket or sheet handy.


2)Dreams carry more information than you’d ever know

Psychics and spiritual guides have long been our favorite. But what if I say, that you yourself can be your own spiritual guide. How do you ask? 70% of our dreams contain almost every signs and secret messages that you need to know. Every human being has the power to reflect and interpret the meaning of these with constant practice and determination.

When we dream, our mind becomes free to ascend and bond with a greater reality, the universal consciousness. This allows us to break from any physicalities and get in touch with universal realities. Since we are involving our lives with tremendous stress and anxiety, dream interpretation becomes all the way more important. Create a dream diary and record how you felt during dreaming. Asses it, talk to yourself and with practice and time, you will be able to interpret your own dreams.

3)When you are in love, you will remember 30% more of your dreams

 We all know how love affects our life and yes, our dreams too. A 2000 research group experimented on 4,300 men and women and recorded that love-stricken people are bound to remember 30% of our dreams more.  Since our brain gets super activated during these phases due to the effect of numerous love hormones, it tends to memorize more vividly than normal people.

4) You never dream of an unknown face 

Sometimes you’d see a face you don’t recognize in your dreams. But in reality, you must have seen that person somewhere sometime. Our brain can’t make faces of its own. It records and memorizes faces even if we don’t acknowledge. Next time you see a dream and feel like you don’t know him/her, remember that you have seen that person at some point of your life. Mindblown!

5)Overthinking before going to sleep will make you feel tired when you wake up 

Eaten up by busy schedules, our minds are never vacant. Excessive thinking works our brain and when you overthink before going to sleep, our brain continues working even when we are asleep. Thus, we feel tired on days our brain skips relax time.

6)Eye boogers can be a remnant of your dreams 

An excessive amount of eye boogers can mean that you are confused about something and probably had a bad dream.

7) When you wake up around 2-3  o’clock in the morning without any reason, it means someone is staring at you

 Three o clock is the hour of the dead. The thin wall between the real world and the spiritual world is the most vulnerable during this period, allowing vigorous spirit activity.  You know that uneasy feeling when someone stares at you in the metro or in the bus? Yeah, we all have been there having been thrown at persistent stares by some random stranger. This might be that, except if you are alone in a room. It might be some spirit. Spooked? We know you are.

8)Younger people dream more color

 A 1993 research showed that 80% younger individuals dream in vivid colors and 20% older individuals dream in dull colors. Younger people tend to look at the brighter aspect of life whilst older people usually look at life in a dull manner, hence the results.

9) Night owls  tend to have more nightmares or bad dreams

 Scientists, led by Yavuz Selvi at the Yuzuncu Yil University in Van, Turkey, used a certain method called the Van dream Anxiety Scale to experiment on people the effect of bad dreams.

“Men and women have very different emotional systems, and I think we’re seeing a different expression of that difference in nightmares”, says a scientist who claims that women night owls are more affected by bad dreams.

Now, what might be the cause of that?  A person’s daily body cycle, commonly known as the circadian rhythm, might be the key cause. “I think it’s certainly of interest,” says Russell Rosenberg, director of the Atlanta School of Sleep Medicine & Technology and chairman of the National Sleep Foundation. Night owls may sleep late but have to wake up at almost the same time as a regular person does. Thus, to compensate for the less sleep, the brain experiences more REM sleep, thus causing more nightmares.

10) Identical twins can have the same nightmares or dreams

 Genetic structure in twins(identical as well as fraternal) is very strong and are likely to experience similar dreams or nightmare patterns. Awesome? Creepy? Both?






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