A Test to perceive God

Back in 1983, a team of scientists decided to conduct a comprehensive experiment on the presence of God. They thought that if a man is prevented from using all his senses or in other words, is immune to all external stimuli, he might perceive God. They were of the conception that human senses mask the presence of eternity, of God and without these senses, the mind would open to deduce eternity and would be able to summon God only with the power of thought, now that he is barred from any distraction.

An elderly man who claimed that he “had nothing to live for ” volunteered to become the test subject of the team of scientists. A complex operation was conducted on him in which all his sensory nerves were cut off. Thus, he could neither see, smell, hear, taste or feel anything. In this way, he was completely shut off from the outside world and was left alone with his thoughts.

Scientists monitored his every move as he claimed to hear faint voices and tried to speak them out in jumbled sentences which even the doctors could not decipher.

Days later, he suddenly started communicating with his dead wife and even cried out personal information as of the scientists, that was unknown to the man. After a week of communicating with the dead, he started crying loudly, asking the scientists to end his pain through sedatives. It was as if, thousands of voices muttered in his head at all times. But even sedatives failed as he started having severe nightmares.He tried hurting himself, hurling his body against the wall in order to push out the dead voices in his thoughts. Nothing could reduce the pain he was going through since it was all inside his head.At one point in time, he even cried out “No heaven, no forgiveness” continuously for five hours. He begged to be killed but the scientists decided to let the experiment go on for some more time since they felt he was close to perceiving God.

A day after, his behavior started to change, he started biting off chunks of flesh from his arm and shouted ceaselessly. He was then tied to a table to prevent him from killing himself. A few hours later, his cries suddenly stopped and he fixed his gaze on the ceiling, tears falling from his eyes.

For two weeks, he cried constantly. His body had to be artificially rehydrated because of the constant crying. Finally, at one point in time, despite his total blindness, he fixed his gaze at one of the scientists and whispered,” I have spoken with God and He had abandoned us “. Saying this, his body stopped showing signs of life. There was apparently no cause of death.



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