New Organ Found In Human Body

The new organ found in the human body is the interstitium, this organ might very well be the largest organ in the human body.

How was this not discovered before and how is it discovered now?

The Interstitium

Scientist discovered a new organ hiding right under our noses. They believe this could be the key to understanding cancer spread this could possibly mean the beginning of the end of the cancer fight.

This organ previously thought of as dense connective tissue, actually is a series of fluid-filled compartments that researchers are now calling the “Interstitium”.


The Interstitium can be found just beneath the skin as well as Lungs, Gut, Blood Vessels and Muscles these are connected to a body-wide network type organ created by flexible protein. Scientific Reports is the first to recognize these compartments in the human body as a body organ.

The team of researchers behind this discovery suggest that this organ might be acting like a “shock absorber” to protect our soft tissue from damage.

Mount Sinai Beth Israel Medical Center Dr. David Carr-Locke and Dr. Petros Benias were observing a patient looking for cancer in the patients’ bile ducts it was then that they discovered cavities that did not match any previously known human body anatomy they then approached New York University’s Dr. Neil Theise.


Previously used methods for imagining body tissue actually damaged the interstitium making it undetectable with the previously used methods. They just got squashed in between the slides and that made researchers think it is a simple layer of connective tissue.


The team of researchers also found that it is not just beneath the skin but also surrounding some major organs as well as the muscles.

They noted that the layers drained right into the Lymphatic System (it is a network of vessels that transport Lymph). It is used in the body’s immune response as well.

Other than to provide protection to major organs or tissue damage they can also act as a gateway for cancer. They believe that this may be the way cancer cells may enter your body.

While providing transport for fluids to go around the body this might also be the cause of cancer forming in the body(still unproven).

If proven to be accurate this could mean that major advances maybe even a cure for the fight against cancer and the betterment of humans in general.

The word interstitium comes from a combination of two words “inter” meaning “between” and “sistere” meaning “to place” literal meaning “between the other places”.

While this all looks promising it could be years before any major cancer breakthroughs are actually made, just for the reason that this is a new discovery and we do not fully understand it, so it might be a few years.

We are also still waiting for the interstitium to be confirmed as a separate organ as opposed to a linked organ.



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